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This is a homemaker's guide from a young homemaker. As a newly wed, I am filling our home with unique, creative, antique and homemade elements. This blog is my creative outlet for navigating the newlywed life, and this collection is meant to share my ideas and advice with other homemakers. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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Moving in with J meant that I adopted a lot of his furniture.  As we get the house together and buy new furniture, some of the old gets replaced or becomes unnecessary. 

When this coffee table got replaced with a large ottoman, it seemed destined for a yardsale; until I decided to make it into a bench for our entryway.

I started by painting the the base of the table in Behr’s Citron (400B-4).  This was the longest part of the process because it required two coats, and it had to dry between.

Next I attached 2” thick foam to the top with a spray adhesive.  Spray the center of the table with glue, and place the foam on the top.  Then secure each side of the foam.

Next, I covered the foam with batting, and secure it under the table edge with a staple gun.  I folded the corners like a hospital bed, by pulling the fabric over the short side and stapling it in place.

Finally, I covered the batting with my fabric, folding the corners the same way that I folded that batting.

Ta da!  Now it’s ready for the entryway.

Give it a try!!  This repurpose was easy and took less than a day.