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This is a homemaker's guide from a young homemaker. As a newly wed, I am filling our home with unique, creative, antique and homemade elements. This blog is my creative outlet for navigating the newlywed life, and this collection is meant to share my ideas and advice with other homemakers. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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Halloween is coming, and it’s time to decorate for the annual Halloween party.  Using Halloween themed scrape book paper and stamps I’ve made a quick and fun garland to decorate our party room.

To make the garland you’ll need some Halloween scrapbook paper, some string/twine, letter stencils/stamps and a hole punch.

I used a brown piece of cardstock to make a triangle for the lettering, then used the Halloween paper for a backing.

Then using my clear stamps I spelled out my garland message.

Finally, with the hole punch and twine, hang your garland for a fun party decoration.